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"Recognised world wide as being the safest and fastest method of demounting / mounting large tyres fitted to mining and earth moving machinery"

Tyre Changing Press

For OTR tyre changing EDMO offer a range of Tyre Changing Press Machines. Recognised world wide as being the safest and fastest method of demounting and mounting large tyres as fitted to the mining and earthmoving machinery.

Tyre Press in Action Requiring only one operator, this fully self contained press will demount tyres from the 3 and 5 piece rims quickly and safely, regardless of the rims rusted or corroded condition. For tyre and rim assembly the press frame is set up to become a safety cage for tyre inflation. No other method of tyre changing offers this highly important safety feature. All this without damage to expensive rim sets.

The tyre carrier swings out hydraulically from the press frame and the tyre and rim are placed on the carrier. The mounting and demounting process is then carried out completely within the press with the control levers. There are no jacks, bead breakers, sledgehammers, crowbars or blow torches required.


Ultra 3500+
For all tyres fitted to rims from 35" upwards to any size presently on the market today, or likely to come onto the market in the near future.

Ultra 4500+

LD 250

For all tyres fitted to rims from 35" to 4000 x 57 also the 46 x 65 x 45 and 51 x 67 loader tyres and the 50 x 80 x 57.

For all tyres fitted to rims from 25" up to 51".

EDMO offer reconditioning of old style units to upgrade equipment to current technology. Onsite servicing of machines is carried out on request.

Training of personnel is carried out at the time of commissioning of new machines.
However EDMO will train new staff and offer refresher courses to suit customers needs.

The right equipment will always make the job easier.
EDMO has the equipment for the off-highway vehicle maintenance and management.

The EDMO RIM & COMPONENT HOIST was designed to facilitate the handling of rims and components when using the EDMO TYRE PRESS

The hoist is capable of handling the largest rims and components and eliminates the need to use the tyre handler as a crane, which it was not designed to be. It also enables far more accurate placement of components which helps reduce damage to both the tyre press and rim components.

During the demounting procedure the hoist can be used to handle items such as lock ring, bead seat band and flanges, which increases operator safety because it is no longer necessary to man handle components or try to handle them with a makeshift arrangement on the tyre handler. Crushed hands, fingers and back injuries are no longer a risk.

After removal of the tyre, the rim can be removed from the press and placed aside for cleaning and can then be placed back in the press for mounting.

During the mounting procedure the hoist can be used to load the rim on to the EDMO TYRE PRESS, the tyre is then loaded with a tyre handler and then the final components, bead seat band, flange and lock ring are loaded prior to the table being retracted into the EDMO TYRE PRESS for assembly and to take advantage of the unique Safety Feature of the EDMO TYRE PRESSES ability to become a safety cage during inflation.

Lifting equipment and tooling is available to suit any type of rim the customer may specify.

We have developed a device for lifting the tread of the tyre whilst in the EDMO Tyre Press. This facilitates the inflation of the tyre whilst in the press. This eliminates the need to lift the tyre with a tyre handler to commence inflation.

The equipment is hydraulically controlled from the operator's platform and is yet another safety device.